Venture into the world of equestrianism and get to know the 400-year-old tradition of Slovenian Lipizzaners. The world champion of dual horse riding will entrust you with all the secrets of horse breeding and inspire you with these beautiful creatures that first appeared in the family three generations ago. Carriage rides, riding lessons, horse training and pony riding for the youngest. Look the horse in the eye and let it take you through the most beautiful locations of the incredible Karst.

Experience :

  • Horse stable and Lipizzaner visit
  • Carriage ride
  • Horseback riding
  • Horse training
  • Horse sales
  • Accomodation of guest horses in the stable
*The experience is available only for the gusts of Tmbin’s barn


Take some precious time for yourself and embark on a wonderful journey of self-care and discovery. Breathe in and enjoy the world’s oldest knowledge on the balance of body, mind and spirit. Let your journey with yoga take place in an intact Karst world, where centuries-old stories about the power of nature are hidden beneath the surface, which will help you discover your undiscovered corners. Indulge and regain your inner peace and joy.


  • Individual yoga practise
  • Yoga for children
  • Yoga for teenagers
  • Couples yoga
  • Family yoga
  • Yoga workshop for small groups (up to 8 persons)
  • Yoga workshops for teachers (mindfulness at school, learning English with yoga)



Tmbin’s Barn also offers a small meeting room with a capacity of up to eight people, in which we offer unforgettable events in our own organization that will stay with you for a long time. Can you imagine gaining new knowledge with a view of lavender plantations and a coffee break in a flowering hydrangea garden in the company of Lipizzaners?

Experiences nearby

Kokoš 674 m

A popular excursion point, which is also suitable for younger children due to its easy ascent. At the top you will find a cottage with refreshments and a beautiful view of the valley.

Vremščica 1027 m

The plateau is located between Pivka and Divača and is known for the church located on the top of the hill. It is considered a special place among mountaineers – you have to take a snack with you as you will not find a hut at the top, but the view of Socerb and Nanos is more than worth a visit.

Stari Tabor 603 m

Peak, located south of the village of Povir and offers a fantastic view from the Adriatic Sea to the Alps. The path leads past our stable, and the easy ascent is suitable even for the youngest family members.

Tennis court Sežana

Four kilometers away from Tmbin’s Barn, you’ll find tennis court Sežana, where you can try your hand at a tennis match.

Škocjan caves

The only Slovenian monument inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the most important underground phenomenon in the Karst. Choose between three tours, head to the gorge, where the river Reka disappears underground, and explore all the mysterious cave entrances, animals and the unique geomorphological and microclimatic ecosystem.

lipica stud farm

One of the most important cultural and historical monuments of Slovenia and the oldest stud farm in the world, which saw its light in 1580. The cradle of the Slovenian autochthonous breed of horses – Lipizzaners, which have delighted equestrian fans around the world for 400 years. Indulge in the natural beauty of the estate, where Lipizzaners graze freely on the meadows, see the many stables and visit the Lipikum Museum.

Golf Club Lipica

Golf lovers can live out their passion on the top golf course in Lipica, the only course in Slovenia that invites you to its green course all year round.

Lavender fields

In our immediate vicinity is the Production of Renčelj cosmetics, where they produce their own natural cosmetics with lavender from their plantations. See how lavender flower turns into a natural lavender cream and learn about the benefits that natural cosmetics brings to your health.

Beekeping farm and honey production

Lavender fields and Karst forest also attract bee families to our vicinity, who diligently produce honey in the hives of the beekeepers nearby, where you can buy your own pot of honey and enjoy the delicious taste even when the holidays are over.

swimming in the adriatic sea

For those who can’t imagine a holiday without the sea, our Adriatic Sea is only 35 km away. In summer or all year round for the braver ones.