about us

Take time for what really counts. Nature. Experiences. Family.

Taja and Miha. English, Italian and yoga teacher and world champion in marathon dual horse riding with Lipizzaners. Parents of three children – Žiga, Jaka and Sara. Together they write the story of Tmbin’s Barn – a Karst-style cottage surrounded by a forest on one side and a lavender field on the other, located on the site where a barn once stood. They name the holiday home where you can experience the most beautiful Karst holiday with your family “Barn”.
On arrival you will toast together with homemade teran wine. Miha will invite you for a carriage ride around the area, and Žiga will show you a horse stable with Lipizzaners. Jaka and Sara will quickly saddle a pony for your children. Taja will offer you daily opportunities to relax with her morning yoga. Tmbin’s Barn offers the perfect holiday haven for families and all those who want to get away from the stress of everyday life and feel alive again in the embrace of nature. Here and now.